Our background


Fox Creative provide quality marketing services.


Restaurant marketing

All in one💣 restaurant🍽️ marketing solution☯️. Menus should be successful tool 🔪and serve as the good advertising. Website🗺️ with booking system, menu production📸 (photo and layout), video marketing🎬, design or redesign, social media 📱marketing, media ⚔️planning campaign. Best way to promote your restaurant online is a high-quality photos. Restaurant🍽️ marketing🍨 🇲🇪 #montenegro 🇲🇪 #photo #food 🍦 #restaurant #menu production.


Video production and animation services

Motion design and video production. Fox Creative provide quality video and animation services. Best way to explain your business to the world is to make a video. All kinde of video production. Art director and motion designer, 2d, 3d, explainer video, promo video, TV design, post production, cleanup, animation, advertising. #motiondesign #motiongraphics #animation #aftereffects #2danimation #2d #animationdesign #art #logoanimation


Wordpress site creation

We create site on the WordPress (WordPress.org) is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). Welcome to creation your site. Send task on Email and we find solution.


Social Media Marketing

What is the best social media strategy for your business?  We are know! And we are promotional Marketing Partner For Your Next Big Promotion


Fly Video

FlyVideo. Quadrocopter video. Beautiful views. Commercial and non-commercial video. Real Estate Hi quality promo spot. Wedding film from Montenegro coast. All of kind fly video.